When people ask me “what inspires you?”, at the top of my list are three words:

The Great Turning.

This is a story of rising to the challenge of addressing crisis in our world, and taking part in the deep level collective transition to a sustainable society and mode of living. When I live from this story, my life makes more sense and I feel more alive.

You can find out more about the Great Turning at the five following websites:

This article by Joanna Macy, who has done so much to develop and popularise the concept of the Great Turning, is a great starting point.

Information about UK-based workshops to strengthen our capacity to address global issues, as well as a year-long facilitator training to run such workshops.

An excellent resource related to David Korten’s work offering a wealth of background information and links

A page on Joanna Macy’s website offering insights, a video and more links.

A story that inspires me is that of the Great Turning. This great adventure of our times begins with an awareness of danger and threat to life on Earth. It might even seem as if all is lost. But central characters experience the desire to do their bit and play their part, in a larger story of recovery and turning things around. Will there be enough of a turning? And will it happen quick enough? Do you you hope so? If you do, active hope is process of acting for our hopes and making them more likely. Living this story, having it happen through us, can energise and enrich our lives.
— Chris Johnstone