Chris offers a mentoring and coaching service addressing any of the following three themes:

a) Personal wellbeing and/or development – supporting you to bring out the best in yourself, move towards heartfelt goals and/or make changes that support wellbeing.

b) Practitioner development – both mentoring and coaching, supporting you in moving towards professional goals, perhaps in developing yourself as a wellbeing practitioner, or setting up resilience and wellbeing training interventions. This can include supporting people already well qualified who wish to weave in stronger wellbeing/resilience themes into what they do, as well as those starting out (or further along), and looking at how they move forward.

c) Collective wellbeing – finding/developing/supporting your role in acting for resilience / wellbeing at a collective level, whether with teams and organisations, groups and communities, or in the larger world.

He charges £95/hour or £450 for a series of six sessions of an hour each. There is a concession rate available for those on lower incomes who need this.

Email him if you’re interested, using the contact page

With thanks to Rose de Larrabeiti for the photo.