The hammered dulcimer is an ancient instrument with many metal strings played with wooden sticks or ‘hammers’. Chris has played dulcimer since 1991, and his background as a percussionist before this is evident in his playing style. He most likes playing with strong rhythmic backing, so that the dulcimer sound can weave in and around the groove. You can listen to Chris on MySpace.

“He has a great rolling sense of rhythm and groove, a well phrased dynamic control and a thoroughly inventive approach to the use of the dulcimer… More than any other (recording) I have listened to in years I find myself wanting to know just how he does what he does, and feeling “I wish I could play like that”. I also find myself thinking, “I wish more people would play dulcimer like that,” Roger Frood, in Non-Such News, 1997

Chris’s album Ambient Dulcimer, released in 2004, is a compilation of tracks he has produced since 1998. It contains over 70 minutes of music, with 14 tracks from a range of styles that all feature hammered dulcimer.

Although the hammered dulcimer is often associated with folk music, on this CD, Chris takes it in entirely new directions, and includes ambient dance music, reggae and hi-life, as well as more relaxing, atmospheric soundscapes.

Ambient Dulcimer costs just £10 plus £1.26 for UK postage and packing (see link for overseas postage costs). Ordering details see at this link

Other musicians appearing on Ambient Dulcimer with Chris include: Manu Song (kalimba, didge, percussion, vocals); Mike Kirkpatrick (flute, keyboards, whistle); Tim York (drum programming); Barnaby Taylor (sampled strings); Adam Doughty (Kora); Simon Sleath (guitar, synth); Dave Starkie (didge); Lizzie Douglas (vocals); Stephen Bellm (tabla) and Kim Henry (vocals).