Courses & talks


I offer three main types of courses:

(P) Positive Psychology/Personal Development

(W) Empowering Positive Change in the World

(T) Trainings for Doctors, Coaches and other Practitioners

28thth March Resilience Skills (T,P)

One-day workshop in Bristol

18th April at 1pm  

Free Webinar/BookLaunch on Seven Ways to Build Resilience

18th April at 8pm  

Free Webinar on Resilience Practitioner Training for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

23rd April  

Free Webinar – Addressing the epidemic of having too much to do.

2nd May  

Resilience Practitioner Training for Counsellors and Therapists begins

7th May  

Seven Essential Strategies for Stress and Overload

4 – week online course starts

20th May  

Free Webinar on Coaching for Wellbeing with Motivational Interviewing

3rd June  

Online course in Coaching for Wellbeing with Motivational Interviewing begins

9th – 13th Sept



Personal Resilience for Me, You and Us, a five-day residential workshop at Schumacher College, Devon.

8th Oct  

Free webinar on Resilience Practitioner Training

22nd Oct  

Resilience Practitioner Training online course begins.

For more details of all online courses above, please follow this link:

(W) There is also a nine-month group facilitation training called The Facilitator Development Adventure, particularly looking at using facilitation skills in service of life on Earth. This is likely to start in December 2019, details will be posted when available. For more details of this course, see