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Resilience Practitioner Training

There is a real skill in taking a huge topic and distilling it into accessible, digestible chunks that add immediate value. Chris Johnstone has created such a programme here.”  – Anna Phillips, Coach and Mindfulness Teacher,

This online training is designed for practitioners (including health professionals, counsellors, coaches, therapists, teachers and HR specialists) who wish to familiarise themselves with evidence-based resilience tools they can use themselves and pass on to those they work with. The course involves three core elements:

  1. A series of seven hour-long webinars at weekly intervals beginning on Oct 22nd 2019 at 8pm UK time (all webinars are recorded, so it is easy to catch up if you can’t make the live sessions).

  2. an online learning platform with accompanying video and other resources, as well as downloadable handouts, templates and a discussion forum.

  3. a home practice exercise with each module that supports the development of a different resilience skill

I found Chris Johnstone’s Resilience training to be an invaluable resource that I keep going back to. The training is clear and easy to engage with and the skills learnt are highly pragmatic and applicable in everyday life.  I use these resilience tools in my practice as a therapist (solution focused hypnotherapist) almost daily with my clients and I can see the benefits for them too.”  – Stephanie Betschart,