the great turning

The Great Turning

When people ask me “what inspires you?”, at the top of my list are three words: The Great Turning.

This is a story of rising to the challenge of addressing crisis in our world, and taking part in the deep level collective transition to a sustainable society and mode of living.

When I live from this story, my life makes more sense and I feel more alive.

You can find out more about the Great Turning at the five following websites:
This article by Joanna Macy, who has done so much to develop and popularise the concept of the Great Turning, is a great starting point.
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Information about UK-based workshops to strengthen our capacity to address global issues, as well as a year-long facilitator training to run such workshops.
An excellent resource related to David Korten’s work offering a wealth of background information and links
A page on Joanna Macy’s website offering insights, a video and more links.