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College of Wellbeing .com

I’m delighted to have as a home for my online training programme. I’m developing a range of video-based online courses that you can watch from the comfort of your home at any time.

The first of these, Personal Resilience in an Hour, has recently been launched.

This video-based online course introduces seven practical strategies to strengthen your resilience, with step-by-step practices that help you deal with and/or recover from setbacks, adversities and challenges. It offers an hour of video content presented over 18 episodes, with supporting pdf handouts for each strategy. The course is based on research proven methods and the trainer’s three decades of experience teaching resilience skills.

Develop your ability to deal with the dips, knocks and bumps in life.

The course

  • shows how inspiring examples in stories and the news can help you identify key elements of resilience
  • draws on a range of sources, including the Penn Resilience Program shown by research to protect against anxiety and depression
  • introduces emotional first-aid practices to steady your nerves when you’re feeling on edge.
  • teaches you to use a storyboarding process to design resilient responses in situations you find difficult

Resilience strategies help you cope with stress, make the best of things and rise to the occasion.

Feedback from past participants include:

“Chris Johnstone has a way of explaining things that makes it crystal clear. His style is professional, authentic and warm.”

“The trainer has an amazing ability to deliver the psychology of well being in a highly digestible, lucid and relevant way.”

The goal of this course is to help you develop your personal resilience toolkit, offering insights and practices to support you bounce forward when knocked back, so that you get more from life.

You can save £10 and buy the course for £15 from at this link.