There are several audio and video interviews with me on the web. These focus on how we find our power to respond to global issues like climate change and oil depletion.

Here are my five favourites…

Chris Johnstone Q2 – The adventure of change (You Tube video)

This looks at how viewing our lives as an adventure story can be an empowering perspective when facing global issues.

Chris Johnstone Q5 – inspirational listening (You Tube video)

Drawing on lessons from the addictions field, this clip explores how our style of communication can have an impact on motivation.

Planetary Voices – From Overwhelm to engagement (internet radio)
This interview about ways of dealing with overwhelm in response to bad news about the world also includes Joanna Macy telling the Shambhala Warrior Prophecy.

Here are some others…

Chris Johnstone Q3 – Process thinking
Describes how our sense of personal power is influenced by the way we think about global issues.

Chris Johnstone Q4 – Energy Awareness

Chris Johnstone Q6 – energy descent plans

Chris Johnstone Q7 serendity and flow

Chris Johnstone Dreamblocker clip from the film
This includes a short clip from the film I’m making about confidence training for positive change.

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